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Subject: Programme and quotation for workplace


Dear Sir or Madam



Thank you for your fax from which we made an offer for you.


Number of people:


The suggested hotel is in the heart of Budapest, and in the city centre, near the Walking Street.

In the rooms you can find minibar, TV, telephone and bathroom with toilet.

The hotel has got restaurant, buttery and coffee house, that is available for guests.

There’s a beautiful view over Danube from the hotel’s window so you can go walking and go boating.

We enclosed the detailed day’s programmes.

The tour price is:

·         Double room: €/person

·         Plus Single room price: €/person

The price covers in the enclosure enumerated service (accommodation, board, programmes, price of admission), the German or English tour guide’s expenses, the bus expenses.

The breakfasts are buffet and the other meals are three- course meal without drink.

The price is net.

Naturally any kinds of modifications or ideas are then we are available with pleasure.

Please, you consider our offer only suggestion!

In so far as our offer win yours approval, we will wait for your order as soon as possible.

If you book our offer the regret and conditions of payment will be valid.

We will send payment in advance invoice on (month).



We are looking forward to your reply as soon as possible.


Yours faithfully/sincerely,


Judit Anna Tolnai



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